ZamFoo Alpha Master Reseller WHM Reseller
Software Script Live Demo

Image of Zamfoo Master WhmReseller Plugin Links in Left IFRAME of WHM This ZamFoo live demo is a fully functional interactive demo simulation for a root user who is interested in purchasing a ZamFoo Master WHM or Alpha Master Reseller WhmReseller Script License. With this demo you can: create and terminate Alpha, Master, WHM and Cpanel Accounts, Suspend and Unsuspend Alpha, Master, WHM and Cpanel accounts as well as virtually all of the other functions that the ZamFoo Master Meseller software provides. After creating accounts you can also login into those accounts to verify that the software is working as designed.
Please Note:
  • The live demo will reset itself every hour on the hour.
  • Please Note:
  • There is a manual reset button to reset the Alpha WHM demo but please be aware that others may be using the demo at the same time you are. If someone there is consistent abuse and you are unable to guage the software please let us know and we will impliment a single user environment for you.
  • Please Note:
  • The demo is designed to simulate the root level interaction of our ZamFoo Alpha Master WHM Reseller Software Script and was modified from the original code. There may be a bug in the demo that does not exist in the actual software. If there is a bug with the demo please report it as a bug in the demo to support at
  • Please Note:
  • A small amount of functionality has been stripped from the Alpha Master Reseller WHM script to close security holes on the VPS account. And some settings in zamfoo have been modified to slow or exploitation of the VPS this demo is using.
  • Please Note:
  • EXIM, MYSQL, FTP and SSH and other services that are completely useless to the demo have been shut off completely.
  • Please Note:
  • Raw ZamFoo code does not exists on the VPS account, on any development machines or on the website so don't waste your time.
  • Image of Zamfoo Alpha Master WHM Reseller Addon Root GUI screen in WHM    Login to ZamFoo Demo: Click Here
       Username: rootuser
       Password: password
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